Neolithic flint axe and preserved wooden handle discovered in Denmark

Flint Axe and wooden handle (Museum Lolland-Falster)

Another fantastic find by archaeologists working on the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel scheme in Denmark. They have uncovered a Neolithic flint axe that is still held within its wooden handle. The axe was discovered within foreshore silts and these damp, relatively anaerobic conditions helped to preserve the organic handle. A number of other artefacts, including wooden paddles, were also identified at this location. Many of of the artefacts appeared to have been deliberately inserted into the seabed in a vertical manner and this has lead to speculation that they may represent some form of ritual activity.

Anker Sørensen, an archaeologist at the Museum Lolland-Falster, conveyed some of the excitement surrounding this site when she stated, ‘finding a hilt axe that is so well preserved is absolutely incredible‘.

Source (in Danish)

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