1916 – Death of Michael Joseph O’Rahilly, ‘The O’Rahilly’, a republican killed during the fighting during the Easter Rising.

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

Michael Joseph O’Rahilly was born in Ballylongford, Co Kerry in 1875. He was a republican and a language enthusiast, a member of An Coiste Gnótha, the Gaelic League’s governing body. He was well-travelled, spending at least a decade in the United States and in Europe. He was a reasonably wealthy man; the Weekly Irish Times reported after the Easter Rising that O’Rahilly ‘enjoyed a private income of £900’ per annum, plenty of which went to ‘the cause he espoused.’ More importantly, The O’Rahilly was a founding member of the Irish Volunteers and as Director of Arms he personally directed the landing of Mausers at Howth on 26 July 1914.

O’Rahilly was not a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood despite his obvious support for national militancy. Nor did he express any sympathy for the socialist ideas of James Connolly. Nevertheless he fought with the GPO garrison during Easter Week despite…

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