1691 – The Fall of Athlone: Despite the bravery of legendary Sergeant Custume and others, severely outnumbered, the Connacht side of the town fell. The remainder of the Irish garrison retreats to Limerick.

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

The first assault on Athlone came in 1690 after the defeat of the Irish at the Battle of the Boyne. General Douglas leading a substantial force, consisting mostly of Ulster regiments was the Williamite commander. His troops possibly numbered 10,000. When he arrived at Athlone he was confident that he would quickly conquer the town for King William but he hadn’t reckoned on the spirited defence of Athlone by Colonel Richard Grace. Grace who was at that time over seventy years of age, a veteran of the Confederate War and Governor of Athlone, refused to surrender. After a week the Williamite army retreated.

In 1691 determined to capture Athlone, the Williamites returned with their full army of almost 25,000 men. The army was under the command of a Dutch general, Godard de Ginkle. The Jacobite forces were under the command of a French general, the Marquis de St. Ruth. The…

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