The Lord of the Waters I: Lludd, Nudd and Nodens

Dun Brython

People have been on this island before it was an island, when it was a peninsula. They knew of the gods that formed the landscape they lived on, they knew their names and gave them masks of a sort to clothe themselves in. The masks were passed on from generation to generation, the gods who wore them changed with the people and the landscape.

Nodens is a patina on a mask. He is covered with the patinas of Nudd and Lludd, and under him are more gods hidden away by time.

Lludd Llaw Eraint appears in the 12th to 13th century literature as a 1st century, legendary King of Britain, son of Beli Mawr and brother of Llefelys. His kingdom was suffering three plagues; a race of otherworldly beings, two warring dragons and a giant raiding the kingdom’s store of food. He enlists his wiser brother’s help and together they…

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