Today in Irish History – 7 August:

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

1798 – United Irishmen Rebellion: Examination by secret committee of MacNeven, O’Connor, Neilson, Thomas Emmet, and Bond begins in the House of Lords.

1832 – The Parliamentary Reform Act increases Irish seats from 100 to 105 and introduces ten-pound franchise in the boroughs: the electorate is increased to 1.2% of the population (county electorate 60,000; borough electorate 30,000). 1 Irish urban dweller in 26 and one Irish rural dweller in 116 now has the vote, as compared to 1 in 17 and 1 in 24 in England.

1892 – Birth of Tom Falcon Hazell, WWI Ace, in Clifden, Co Galway. Hazell was a fighter pilot with the Royal Flying Corps, (Royal Air Force) downing forty-three enemy planes during World War I. He was one of a number of very skilled Irish-born air aces of the war including Edward Mannock and George McElroy. He was the only one of the three…

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