A Taste of Ireland.com The Janus Figure, The Bishops Stone & Seamus Heaney’s January God

A Taste of Ireland

January God: A short film by A Taste of Ireland.com

January god, Janus Figure Boa Island, County Fermanagh Northern Ireland from Aidan Monaghan on Vimeo.

I have always been fascinated by the Janus figure and Seamus Heaney was moved enough to write his poem January God about it. So here is a short film I have created in tribute to Seamus Heaney and in celebration of Fermanagh’s most famous tourist attraction. The second figure is the Bishop’s stone an equally interesting but less well known stone figure at Killadeas.

Boa Island close to Belleek strangely enough is joined to the mainland via a bridge at either end with a road running through the middle of it, which makes it more convenient for visiting than either White or Devinish Islands on Lower Lough Erne which are all very rich in Celtic spiritual mythology. Follow the signpost for Caldragh Cemetery for here…

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