HMS Argenta – Republican Internment Prison Ship

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

In an attempt to subvert the nationalist economic position, the Minister of Home Affairs, Dawson Bates, imposed martial law tactics to rend supremacy over both a rural and urban populous through violence, intimidation and economic sanctions.

HMS Argenta (originally the American cargo ship S.S. Argenta) was a prison ship of the British Royal Navy.

The two deck steamer was laid down in July 1917 by the National Shipbuilding Company of Orange, Texas as Hull No. 245. Shortages of materials meant that she was wooden-hulled, with a steel keelson, stem and stern posts of oak, and timbers largely of yellow pine. This was due to shortages of metals. S.S. Argenta was launched in July 1919.

Argenta‍’​s career as a cargo ship was short. As early as November 1919, there were some signs of leakage, and the ship was out of service as of late 1921. Condemned and declared unseaworthy in May…

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