‘Watching’ © Joe Canning 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

© Joe Canning 2015. All Rights Reserved.

“We will be watching. We hope the Easter sun will shine.
The smoke will be gone, history clinging to the pillars.
We will be there. Many will feel us; Alas! none will see us.

We will be among you, mingling by your shoulders.
I will listen with Mac Diarmada, with Clarke, with Connolly,
We will stand beside those gathered. We are a part of you.

Watch we will. Watch those entrusted with a duty to the nation;
the duty to deliver your freedom without pandering or dereliction.
We will be watching, listening, latching; to the utterances of the day.

Sixteen of us will represent comrades that gave their all.
MacDonagh will be here, so too Plunkett, Daly and MacBride.
William Pearse will no doubt be witness to the proceedings.

They will salute us; with volleys that echo in the Dublin hills.

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