History of Ireland Jewellery

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

I personally own the locket pendant and absolutely adore it; they are available in both silver/gold and for men, women and children. I bought my locket pendant in Kilkenny, however, many jewellers throughout Ireland carry the line. For those abroad interested in purchasing, here is the link to the designer’s website: http://www.historyofireland.ie/


No beginning…. the unwinding path, symbolised by a Celtic swirl similar to those carved in stone by our ancestors some 5,000 years ago and still evident today in the magnificent Neolithic structures that litter our beautiful countryside.

The diversity of the earliest settlers from the Atlantic coastlines of Europe to the Nordic regions, incorporating both rituals of death and rituals of rebirth, qualities that were important to life in the universe have over time formed a culture that is rich in heritage, beliefs and tradition.

A culture, evolved from mythical tales to living legends, that…

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