Today in Irish History – 10 October:

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

World Mental Health Day

World Homeless Day

1084 – Patrick, Bishop of Dublin, dies in a shipwreck.

1580 – Over 600 papal troops land at Dún an Óir, Co Kerry, to support a rebellion. After a three-day siege, the English Army behead over 600 Irish and Papal soldiers and civilians.

1711 – The Linen Board meets for the first time. The Board of Trustees of the Linen Manufacturers for over 100 years (1711 to 1823) fostered and controlled the Irish Linen Industry, and it was due to the marked success of its control that Irish Linens today are looked upon as the high mark in quality among the linen manufactures of the world. This Board of Trustees was composed of eighty members, twenty representatives from each of the four provinces, among them the most exalted and distinguished men of the day. They had under them a most efficient organisation, which…

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