Remembering Ettie Steinberg, Ireland’s Only Holocaust Victim

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Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Dublin, Ireland – A memorial dedicated to the only Irish Holocaust victims documented to die in Auschwitz – Ettie Steinberg and her son Leon – was recently unveiled in Ireland’s capital city.

The said memorial was put up to permanently honor the country’s only victims of the Holocaust, the Irish Central reports.

Ettie Steinberg was born one of the seven children of Aaron Hirsh Steinberg and Bertha Roth in what was Czechoslovakia. Sometime in the 1920s, the family moved in to Ireland and settled in Dublin in a tiny house at 28 Raymond Terrace. Etties Steinberg and her siblings all went to St. Catherine’s School.

According to stories, Ettie Steinberg had worked as a seamstress shortly before she got married. Her sister, Fanny Frankel who is now in Toronto, recalled in an interview way back in 2008 how Ettie had such “golden hands” when it came to making clothes. She even kept…

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