Two Holocaust survivors, one in Ireland, find they were on the same train to Bergen-Belsen

Historical Tours Ireland

Peter Kubicek (left) and Tomi Reichental (right) find each other through the Internet.

Peter Kubicek, an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor living in New York, knows all about the power of coincidence.

Through an amazing series of events he was reunited with Tomi Reichental, an Irish citizen who lives in Dublin and is also a Holocaust survivor from the same village in Slovakia. Reichental, 79, lectures on the Holocaust to Irish schoolchildren.

They both realized they were very likely on the same cattle car that toook them to a notorious concentration camp.

Kubicek’s family was torn apart during WWII as his father failed to secure visas to New York for Peter, his mother and grandmother. His family was split further apart as they were deported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in October 1944 and Peter was consequently moved between a further five camps before his liberation…

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