Today in Irish History – 15 November:

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

1777 – The Articles of Confederation, the first written constitution of the United States was adopted by the Continental Congress. A number of the Congress hailed from Ireland including Secretary of the Congress Charles Thomson who was born in Maghera, Co Derry in 1729. Thomson was the permanent Secretary of the Continental Congress for more than fifteen years. At least three signatories to the Declaration of Independence were Irish – James Smith, George Taylor and Matthew Thornton.

1881 – William Pearse, brother of Pádraig, was born in Dublin.

1894 – Dublin Biologist, Henry Horatio Dixon, confirmed that tree sap is pulled upwards by a form of intermolecular attraction. Until then, everyone incorrectly believed it was pumped up from the roots.

1920 – Three English officers were kidnapped and killed.

1922 – A seven-man Free State Army patrol, escorting a prisoner was ambushed at Ulverton road, Dalkey, Co Dublin. A Free…

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