Today in Irish History – 24 November:

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

600 – Death of Saint Colman of Cloyne (also known as Saint Colman Mac Leinin). He was founder and patron of the See of Cloyne in Co Cork. Colman of Cloyne was born in Munster. His birthday is said to have been 15 October and the year is believed to have been 522. He was the son of Leinin, who according to the Book of Leinster was ninth in descent from Mogh Nuadat, King of Munster in 166. He was attached to the Cattraige, a people recorded in the earliest sources in several Irish provinces, who claimed exalted descent, but who appear as one among a group of people in a subservient role to the Kings of Cashel (Munster). Colman is associated with those resident in the area immediately north of Emly or, in the opinion of the editors of the Liturgical Calendar for Ireland 2006, it is more probable…

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