Aghadoe Cathedral and Round Tower, Kerry, Ireland

Visions Of The Past

Aghadoe Cathedral is situated on a beautiful clearing overlooking the lakes of Killarney, with the abbey of Innisfallen island visible below. Aghadoe was once known as ‘Acha Dá Eo’, in old Irish, meaning “The field of the two yew trees”. There is evidence that Aghadoe is built on a pre-Christian site and was later linked to the 5th century missionary St Abban. Two 7th century Ogham stones and a bullaun stone are the first evidence of Aghadoe as an important religious site. One of these Ogham stones, cemented in the south wall bears the inscription “BRRAUNANN”, which may relate to St Brendan, the other is now sadly missing. The bullaun stone is found outside the church and may have been used originally as a quern-stone, in time it became a holy water font, local folklore suggests rainwater that fell into it had healing properties.

Chiefly Aghadoe is associated with St…

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