1944 – Charlie Kerins was hanged in Mountjoy Gaol by the English hangman Albert Pierrepoint.

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

‘All I ask is that the ideals and principals for which I am about to die for will be kept alive until the Irish Republic is finally enthroned’. –Charlie Kerins

When the serial killer of Rillington Place, John Christie, complained that his nose itched after his arms had been bound, Albert Pierrepoint assured him: “It won’t bother you for long.” And it didn’t. Between the day he joined “the family business” in 1932 and the day he resigned in 1954 as England’s Chief Executioner, Pierrepoint dispatched more than 430 people.

When Charlie Kerins was born on 23 January 1918 in Caherina, Tralee, Co Kerry, his parents never imagined their son would meet such a famous person as Albert Pierrepoint, but he did, in December 1944 in Dublin. It was a brief encounter. The story of that fateful meeting begins in 1940 when Kerins joined the IRA and it reaches a…

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