Paud O’Donoghue – Heroic Blacksmith of 1798 Rebellion

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

We have heard of the great names of the leaders and organisers of the 1798 rebellion, the men who tried to break the iron rules which oppressed the country and had the vast majority of the population treated little better than animals. Their names are remembered in song and story and enshrined in the history books of the period. We are proud of their efforts and remember they came from more religions than one. We must also remember that all walks of life were there, from the landowner through the shop assistant and the farmer to the common worker no matter what his, or her, trade.

We read of their heroic actions on the field of battle and their deeds in other places. But let us remember that there were also many unsung heroes, men and women, who deserve a place in the history of our country, and among them…

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