Matthewstown Passage Tomb, Waterford, Ireland

Visions Of The Past

Matthewstown, alongside the Harristown and Carriglong Passage Tombs, is one of three tombs in Waterford that date from the later Bronze Age unlike most other passage tombs in Ireland which are Neolithic. These three tombs are more similar in design to those found in Cornwall or on the Scilly Isles than in Ireland, which indicates how important seafaring must have been to their builders. One of the reasons it is deemed similar to these tombs is that the 6 metre passage and its chambers are one and the same. The passage is about 2 metres in width and is formed by 10 short orthostats, five on each side, the passage is ends at a massive back-stone. Unlike Harristown tomb which has two roof stones, Matthewstown has three. Four more stones lie to the west of the structure, perhaps a kerb/part of a cairn that may have enveloped the site at…

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