Norton Stones: The Medieval Tombs in Norton Priory Museum


dsc02054What is the best way to display medieval funerary monuments?

Complementing my recent discussion of the sarcophagi (and some grave-slabs) displayed outside in the ruins of Norton Priory, I here discuss the Heritage Lottery redisplay of medieval funerary monuments within the Norton Priory Museum. Re-opened in the summer of 2016, Norton Priory’s exhibiton houses a striking and distinctive array of funerary monuments commemorating patrons of this prominent Augustinian house during the 12th-16th centuries AD.

dsc02028Significant collections of medieval funerary monuments housed in specially designed museum contexts are quite rare. The vast majority available for the public to see today are to be found displayed in living or abandoned churches or cathedrals, indoors or outside. Sometimes they augment cathedral treasuries, and far more rarely they are parts of heritage displays. Of considerable interest to me, some striking collections are curated as lapidaria within ruined or functioning ecclesiastical environments, as recently discussed…

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