Sutton Hoo Revisited


dsc00055 View of Mound 2 from Tranmer House

What is Sutton Hoo?

It’s been 6 years since I last visited Sutton Hoo, the ‘burial ground of kings’. Located on marginal land on a prominent ridge above the River Deben opposite Woodbridge, Sutton Hoo is many things to many people. In archaeological terms, it is a prehistoric landscape of field systems and settlement. It is primarily known as a late sixth-/early seventh-century elite (‘princely’) burial ground for many archaeologists and almost all visitors. Yet it is also the site of two later Anglo-Saxon execution cemeteries.

The medieval and modern landscape is also to be found at Sutton Hoo. It is a marginal pastoral landscape with trackways in the Middle Ages. Equally important it is an early focus of barrow-digging. It is furthermore a 20th-century military landscape with anti-glider ditches crossing the flat landscape.

dsc09784 The Sutton Hoo Visitor Centre

Sutton Hoo is also a famous…

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