Vikings Season 3: Touching and Talking with the Dead


Ragnar funeral11In a previous post, I explored the fake funeral of Ragnar Lothbrok that serves as the apogee of Vikings Season 3. Once the coffin was made and Ragnar’s ‘corpse’ placed within, the wooden container was raised to be held within the king’s tent ahead of the funeral.

Touching and Talking to the Coffin

The lying in state of Ragnar’s coffin sets up a powerful dynamic. Three key characters speak to the coffin, touching it with their hands, they heads, revealing their feelings towards Ragnar believing him to be dead. Lagertha, Rollo and Floki each speak to Ragnar in term. First, Lagertha touches the coffin as if it were her former-husband’s body, whispering to it with her ear touching its side.
Ragnar funeral13

Ragnar funeral14

Then we have Rollo, Ragnar’s brother, sitting and leaning the back of his head against it, again acting as if it were a living body.

Ragnar funeral15

Finally, we have Floki…

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