1918 – Constance Markievicz while detained in Holloway prison, became the first woman to be elected MP to the British House of Commons.

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

“I went out to fight for Ireland’s freedom and it does not matter what happens to me. I did what I thought was right and I stand by it.” –Constance Markievicz

During the Easter Rising of 1916, Constance was second in command under Michael Mallin in Dublin’s St Steven’s Green. She proved fearless under fire and fought alongside the men. Eyewitnesses reported she was responsible for the killing of at least one British soldier during the battle.

After their defeat, Constance Markievicz marched at the head of her company. Tried for treason to the Crown, Constance was sentenced to death. However, her sentence was commuted due to her sex. A mercy she did not appreciate for she resented being discriminated against because she was a woman.

Constance was jailed at Aylesbury prison in England until being released under the general amnesty of 1917. She was welcomed home as a hero…

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