An Irish St Stephen’s Day Tradition: Lá an Dreoilín/Wren Day

Pilgrimage In Medieval Ireland

The 26th of December is the feast  day of St Stephen,often shorted to Stephens day or Stephens.. In  Britain the 26th of December is commonly referred to as Boxing Day , as this was the day servants and tradesmen would traditionally received gifts known as a “Christmas box” from their masters, employers or customers. In Ireland the day was also known as Wren Day, in Irish Lá an Dreoilín. Other variants include Day of the Wren, or Hunt the Wren Day. This name comes from a very old tradition focused around a tiny bird called the wren. 

Lá an Dreoilín/Wren Day

Lá an Dreoilín or Wren Day  is a very old tradition and was once practised throughout most of Ireland up to the middle of the last century, with the exception of northern Ulster. The word wren was pronounced ‘wran’. Traditionally on Wren Day,   groups of mostly boys and men …

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