Manx Megalithic Memories – the Ballaharra Stones


dsc00555dsc00565dsc00569dsc00570 Prehistoric megaliths and megalithic monuments inspired by prehistory have been recycled and redeployed throughout the 19th-21st centuries in a range of fashions and contexts. Many appear in nationalist settings. In my contemporary archaeology research, I’ve addressed the translation and reuse of materials and megalithic monuments at the National Memorial Arboretum. I recently came across a particularly distinctive example at the Manx parliament site of Tynwald, St John’s that deserves reporting on.

In rainy weather, I recently visited Tynwald, St John’s, where I had a most satisfactory ‘Red Dragon Pie’ in the Tynwald Hill Cafe and explored other dimensions of the memorial landscape, including Tynwald Hill. I encountered translated fragments of a megalithic monument that forms part of a memorial arrangement in gardens on the south side of the A1 opposite the Royal Chapel of St John the Baptist.

Basic details can be found here. It is shocking how little…

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