1628 – Founding of the Irish College in Rome. Among its former students was St Oliver Plunkett, who attended in the late 17th century.

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

The Irish College, Rome was founded on this date in 1628 by the Irish Franciscan, Fr Luke Wadding O.F.M. and the Italian Cardinal, Ludivico Ludovisi, a nephew of Pope Gregory XV, who died three years before the College was established. Having been appointed Cardinal Protector of Ireland, Ludovisi was concerned that his title would not be an empty one and when he was approached by Luke Wadding to help educate Irish priests in Rome, he readily undertook the task of founding the Irish College.

The College was under the care of the Franciscans at the beginning. An Irish priest, Fr Eugene Callanan, became the first Rector of the College. When he died in July 1629, the Franciscans became Rectors of the College until a dispute with the Jesuits for care of the College was decided at the Sacred Roman Rota in 1635. From then onwards, until the visitation of Cardinal…

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