Baltinglass Hill, Wicklow, Ireland

Visions Of The Past

Baltinglass Hill is a truly remarkable place to visit, with a history as confusing as the structure is overwhelming. The structure on top of the hill is essentially an open multi-chambered cairn, with the remnants of at least three tombs at its centre. The whole site is then again surrounded by the remnants of a Bronze Age hill fort whose builders may have used some of the stones from the cairn. It is believed that the cairn would have dated from the same time as Newgrange, between 3500 -3000BC. The cairn is surrounded by a kerb of large stones, and an inner kerb was revealed during excavation, three of these kerb stones bear images of concentric circles. The main tomb is situated at the north side of the cairn, it contains a 3 metre passage, complete with roof slabs, leading to a chamber with three very narrow compartments and a…

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