Prof Howard’s Dark Place, Part 6


DSC05306 Early medieval barrows and modern graves: St Materiana’s church and churchyard, Tintagel

My eyes popped out of what was left of my back. Why oh why did I open that tomb?

DSC05257 Approaching the English Heritage site, St Materiana’s looks neglected on the horizon

DSC05825 Viewing St Materiana’s church from the island

I’m having a break from funerary archaeology right now while I explore the archaeology and heritage of Tintagel. Still even here, death follows me like a black dog of doom.

Incidentally, today it’s father’s day today. Over 3 years ago, my wife dutifully gave birth to twins. For years, I couldn’t shake off the fear that one of them might eat the other. Luckily they didn’t, which I put down to good parenting. In fact, I have four daughters, and while I don’t blame them for being girls, I don’t really think they’re on my side.

But I digress…

DSC05285 The church of St Materiana, viewed…

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