1885 – Birth of patriot and nationalist, Thomas Ashe, in Lispole, Co Kerry.

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

‘If I die, I die in a good cause.’ –Thomas Ashe shortly before his death.

Thomas Patrick Ashe was born in Lispole, Co Kerry. He trained as a teacher in De La Salle College, Waterford and worked as a school principal in Lusk, Co Dublin. Ashe also enjoyed writing poetry and was a talented singer.

Ashe was a member of the Gaelic League, the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) and was a founding member of the Irish Volunteers. Having been brought up in a Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) region of Ireland, Ashe was an enthusiastic supporter of the Irish language, and his work brought him to the governing body of the Gaelic League. He collected considerable sums of money during a trip to the USA in 1914 for both the Volunteers and the League.

When the Rising broke out in Dublin at Easter 1916, Ashe was in command of a detachment of…

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