The Walking Dead Season 1 – Towards a Zombie Mortuary Archaeology


Georgia cop Rick Grimes wakes up recovering from his gunshot wound to find the hospital abandoned. There’s a half-eaten corpse on the corridor floor. Chained double doors strain from the pressure of groaning, clawing bodies. They are daubed with the terrifying warning message: ‘DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE’. Struggling outside, he finds corpses stacked in their hundreds and the vestiges of a 7th cavalry unit slaughtered by the undead.

ep-1-hospital-corpses The NHS in crisis?

The zombie apocalypse has happened, and civilization as just gone south. Season 1 of The Walking Dead (TWD) finds a world where society has collapsed, ‘walkers’ roam eating the living, and those bit ‘turn’ too. Only brain damage can stop the dead in their tracks.

American gun culture ensures that there are plenty of weapons and ammo around for the living to defend themselves against the walkers. However, guns are noisy and the walkers are attracted by sound…

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