Today in Irish History – 21 January:

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

1600 – Charles Blount, 8th Lord Mountjoy, becomes Lord Deputy of Ireland. Mountjoy went to Ireland as Lord Deputy and brought the Nine Years War to a ruthless end. His tactics were harsh on the Irish population. The Nine Years’ War, from 1594 to 1603, was fought between the forces of Gaelic Irish chieftains (Hugh O’Neill and Hugh Roe O’Donnell) against English rule in Ireland.

1684 – Chidley Coote, future MP for Kilmallock, is granted £500 for the upkeep of six lighthouses.

1793 – Louis XVI is executed in Paris; he is attended by an Irish priest, Fr. Edgeworth. Lord Edward FitzGerald is the only member of the Irish parliament not to appear in mourning following the execution.

1861 – Katherine Tynan, poet, novelist and journalist, is born.

1876 – James Larkin, organiser of Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union and socialist politician, is born in Liverpool.

1919 – Daíl…

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