8 Reasons to Love Historic Manchester

Heritage Calling

Famed for its industrial output, pioneering political movements and musical exports, Manchester’s rich heritage is of national importance, recognised worldwide.

Here we celebrate 8 places that tell the story of Manchester’s history.

1. Manchester was commended by a US President

abraham_lincoln_manchester_england Abraham Lincoln Statue, Manchester, via Wiki commons

You may wonder how a 4ft tall statue of ‘Honest Abe’ Lincoln found its way to Brazzenoze Street in central Manchester. The origins of the statue go back to the 19th century, when Manchester was one of the biggest cotton producers in the world. During the 1860s, the city elected to boycott cotton that was coming in from the Southern States, in protest of slave labour. The decision was made despite the effect that would clearly have on the local economy. President Abraham Lincoln wrote to the people of Manchester, commending their stance, he wrote It is indeed an energetic and…

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