‘The singer from Quimper’, Quimper Square, Cruises Street, Limerick.



During my module, Digital Media 2013 I was involved in a group project which took place during the first 2 months of our semester This included the work of three individuals; Maria Kenny, Gavin Foye and myself. The statue which we were assigned to was ‘The singer from Quimper’ on Cruises Street, Limerick. This location can be seen on Google Maps.

As I have a strong interest in public monuments this project interested me greatly. Last year I studied Limerick public sculptures in depth so I understood what to look for and how to evaluate this statue. I had a lot of fun organizing and forming this wiki page. It was a new experience and one that I felt was relevant to learn with a topic I loved.

To find out more about this piece I looked up my personal notes on this statue, such things as the conservation methods and…

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