A few, perhaps unknown, facts about Ireland…

Stair na hÉireann/History of Ireland

The majority of people attribute the guillotine to the French, but there is evidence of it being used in Ireland almost 500 years before it made its way to France. A man named Murcod Ballagh seemingly used it for an execution near Merton in Co Galway on 1 April 1307.

Dundalk Jail was built in 1853 by a man named John Coffee. In an unfortunate turn of events, while he was building the prison he encountered some financial difficulties, ended up declaring bankruptcy, and became the very first inmate in his own prison when he couldn’t pay off his debts.

A nickname for people from Co Wicklow is ‘goat suckers’. The term was coined because of the goats that frequented the Wicklow mountains.

Ireland was currently the only country in the European Union without a postcode system. That recently changed – at the small cost of 15 million Euro.


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